ShipHazmat® is a web-based solution, designed and maintained by the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd., for automating the production of required shipping papers for hazardous materials and dangerous goods transport. Shipping papers, such as a Bill of Lading (49 CFR) or Shipper's Declaration (IATA), must accompany each consignment and be properly completed based on applicable regulatory guidelines that are enforced by the appropriate governing national authority.

Built-in regulatory logic throughout this online solution helps guide users through the complex process of providing the required information on shipping papers, along with displaying three-dimensional packaging diagram models to help ensure proper marking and labeling requirements are met. Users are guided through a step-by-step process to intuitively complete each required section of a shipping paper, assisted by ShipHazmat's regulatory logic engine which utilizes current and applicable regulations.

Regulatory logic helps...

  • Minimize, reduce, and/or eliminate typographical errors,
  • Create cost savings through improved operational efficiency,
  • Provide only compliant options for users to select from,
  • Standardize regulatory interpretation between hazmat employees and shipments,

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